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Hard core and booty Lift programme is the latest rage to get fit this year. It is perfect for those who want a ripped stomach and perfect round booty. This workout specifically focusses on core and booty transformation, as it engages the whole body, so is a great full body workout. It is trending in the fitness circles because everyone wants a perfect booty and abs. You may be going to the gym but have still not nailed it. It is for girls who have been working out and still have not achieved flat abs or a perfect round booty. This programme specifically helps build muscles in those areas and tones up for effective results.

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Booty lift :

Exercise contains: Body weight exercises, done to peppy music. It is a 45-minutes intense workout. It incorporates push-ups and squats. The toning and shaping exercises are done without using any weights. There are butt lifting and toning techniques. The workout begins with a warm up and quickly moves into Full range push-ups: Those who find it tough in the beginning are able to build strength, class after class and work their way to a full range push up. You can begin with 15 repetions and do two sets.

Planks and Side Planks with different variations: Hold planks and hip dropping side planks. It helps chisel your love handles like no other exercise. Holding for about 50 counts and hip drops. Do 20 repitions and repeast the sequence twice. Squats with variations: As the name suggests you have to do squats with 20 repetitions, repeating the sequence three times. Ab crunching exercises and leg raises with variations and high repetitions.

Booty lifting exercises: Get on all fours on the mat, lift leg upwards towards ceiling in 90 degrees. This is one of the effective butt lifting techniques. Repeat it three times, with 15 repititions for each sequence.

Benefits :

  1. Tone
  2. Tighten
  3. Shape
  4. Sculpt
  5. Strengthen your core
  6. Improves fitness levels
  7. Strong Quadriceps and leg muscles
  8. Tightens muscles
  9. Full body workout
  10. Its not a cardio workout but one can burn upto 300-400 calories per session because of the high intensity and tough exercises.


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