Motivating (video): in Only 7 Months 21 Year Old Boy Lost +160 lbs



John David Glaude 21yrs, did something numerous individuals long for – he used to be 360 lbs and now he is 200. Anyway, the battle against those overabundance pounds left a follow on his body, and now his just issue is the abundance skin. Be that as it may, this young person still feels upbeat in light of the fact that the young ladies at long last recognize him.

John, 21, made a feature to outline the way his body changed. Despite the fact that he is not that fearless when he needs to take the garments off, he is enthusiastic to tell everybody that they ought not permit defects, for example, abundance skin, prevent them from living their fantasies.

"This is me and I am pleased with it. With that demeanor you can do some extraordinary stuff. I was 360 lbs, tragic, forlorn and I simply did not know how to be upbeat. At that point, one night, my entire life changed. I understood that I was fat and that I despise myself for that. I realized that I was worth more than I really acknowledged," clarifies John.

Looking into the way that weight can slaughter him at 30 years old, he surrendered sodas and garbage nourishment and totally changed his way of life.

"After a couple of months I began setting off to the rec center and I am never returning to my old life," includes John.

His companions are glad for his positive change, and now John has a better half.

watch his inspiring video!

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