4 Simple Stomach Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat



Have you tried (everything) to lose weight but no amount of calorie counting and healthy eating is making the scale budge?  You’re not alone.  This is the situation for many people, especially women over age 35 who are particularly vulnerable to some hormonal changes that can challenge our best efforts to get slim.

One of the best ways to lose your Stomach Fat is to exercise, the more you exercise the Better Your Chances for losing your Stomach Fat. This article focuses on providing you with simple exercises that you can do at home every day to help in pumping out the excess fat that has built up round your abdomen area.

Do these exercises every day (or at least 4 or 5 days a week), and you'll be on the road to flat Stomach !

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Dumbbell Side Plank Archer Rows

image by : fitbie.com

Get into a pushup position with your hands resting on dumbbells and feet slightly more than hip-width apart (a). Row the left weight to the side of your chest while rotating to the left into a side plank (b). Reverse to return to start. Switch sides halfway through.

Quick tip: With each row, squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Bicycle Exercise

This is yet another exercise that will help you to shed excess fat round your belly area easily.

  • Lie flat on the floor or the mat and keep both the hands on either side of your head.
  • Now lift both your legs from the ground and bend them at your knees.
  • Now pull your right knee close to your chest with your left leg out. When you are bringing the right knee up you can try to meet your left elbow with your right knee to have a perfect stomach crunch.
  • Now take your right leg out and bring your left knee close to your chest. Now, lift your upper body and make sure that your right elbow touches your left knee for a perfect crunch.
  • Repeat this for 10 to 12 times for both the sides and for two consecutive sets.

V Leg Sit Up:

image by : rippednfit.com

Sit tall with your legs straight out in a “V” shape or wide leg stance. With your arms straight out in front of you lower your body back down to the ground, making sure your abdominals are contracted and each vertebra is lowered down smoothly. As your body is completely flat on the ground, begin to raise your arms and chest back up into beginning position. Keep your body aligned and chin up.

Ab Clap

image by : skinnymom.com
1: To begin, lie on your back with both your legs and hands outstretched in front of you with your heels facing the ceiling and your arms together with palms touching one another.

2: Simultaneously open arms and legs. Make a wide “V” with legs and stretch arms all the way out to both sides. Return to starting formation. This is one rep. Repeat 10 reps 3x.

ps: you need to warm up (10min) first to do this exercise.


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