How Do Men Lose Weight ?



In comparing males and females, there are certain similarities that can be seen. Both sexes can achieve fat loss and change their bodies if they desire. But males have the clear advantage when it comes to shedding the fat. The difference that allows this to occur is that males are more prone to physical and strenuous activity, while females shy from it, understandably so. But this shouldn't discourage them into thinking that they have no chance to lose weight.

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Genetics dictates that males have a learner built than women. It is also known that men develop more muscles as they reach puberty. As opposed to the female physique, the male body has a easier time building muscle mass. This shouldn't be discouraging news to females, as this main feature is considered to be masculine, while femininity is associated with a "softer" body. In addition, females can develop muscle mass of their own, although it can be a little harder to do.

The reason why muscle mass is more prominent in males is due to testosterone. This male hormone is found in high levels in males, while remaining at low levels in females. This male hormone is responsible for a number of tasks. Among them, creating muscle tissue within the body. Muscle in turn, burns off fat, and the more you have, the learner you become. This is why males are able to lose weight quicker than females.

For the best possible outcomes, men should consume foods such as beef, chicken and fish, as these are high in protein. Other food choices that contain protein are legumes and nuts. The presence of protein in the body enables muscle production to occur. Without protein, muscle mass in a male is at its lowest. In addition to developing a protein-rich diet, exercise should be the next priority for those seeking to burn off fat.

To become fit and lean, a variety of physical activities should be on your fat loss checklist. Playing sports and keeping active can accelerate weight loss. Bonus benefits of exerting your body is added strength and stamina. Other activities such as running or riding a bike can also have the same effect, while being fun at the same time.

Even though sports are effective, the number one choice activity for fat loss, is lifting weights. This, by far is the best solution for building muscle. Exercising requires more dedication and patience. Results don't appear overnight, but once you lift weights regularly, you will notice a difference in how your look. Overall, it is much easier to burn fat for men than women, for these obvious reasons. Still, anyone can reach their goals no matter what their gender is. All that is needed is a will to push yourself out of your comfort zone.


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