Exercise At your Desk to get a Flat Stomach



Desks, office chairs, and cubicles don’t have to get in the way of getting in shape or working out a few kinks. In fact, you can even use them to your advantage. Just don’t get caught.

You can't go to the gym? You can have a workout in your office! You will be amazed at the results that can be achieved by implementing these simple Stomach exercises in the privacy of your office.

Chair exercises for lower abs

Sit in a chair with good posture. Pretend there is a band that stretches from the bottom or your spine to the top of your head. Place your feet on the ground, hip-width apart, directly in front of you.

  1. Sit with perfect posture on the front edge of your chair with your back straight and your neck relaxed.
  2. Raise your knees toward your chest and then slowly lower them back to the floor.

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Knee Extensions

To do a knee extension strengthens the front of your thigh, also known as your quadriceps.  To do this exercise, simply straighten you knee joint and squeeze your quads for 2-4 seconds, then releasing. I recommend 10-12 times on each side.

  • Make sure your posture is straight and tall
  • Keep your other leg bent for stability
  • Breathe!

Alternating Leg Lifts with cross Body Crunch

  • Sit in a Chair
  • Sit up tall
  • Chest is lifted
  • Lift right leg with knee bent
  • Lace hands behind the head
  • Take left elbow towards right knee
  • Switch sides

Do not do this exercise if you have chronic back problems. It requires a twist, which is helpful for building abdominal muscles, but can compromise existing problems. Always keep your stomach muscles contracted for the full duration of the exercise.

If you have a private office: 

In a straight firm chair, sit with your feet flat on the floor. Crosses his arms over his chest (similar to the movement that would make a crack in the ground) bend the chest down and toward your knees until you feel your abs tighten. Return to the starting position and repeat. Just be sure to keep your arms below the shoulders.

Remember that we are human beings, built to move, walk and be mobile. Most of us however are relegated to a desk and computer so make sure to take time to do good for your body!


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