What Causes Stomach Fat?



Don't know what the Belly fat causes are? Of all the areas of the body, it seems that the Stomach is the hardest to tone up. Men and Women alike experience problems in this challenging region of the body. So, it is best to know them in order to avoid them.

Sometimes dieters end up consuming less than the required calories. This can also lead to fat as the body sends a signal to brain about the deficiency of nutrients and you are unable to resist the temptation to eat more.The preservatives and additives found commonly in food today are also to blame. These foods lack the essential nutrients that help burn Stomach fat.

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Stress :

Stress is a silent killer. People today simply do not know how to deal with it. The stress hormone known as cortisol, promotes fat to be deposited in the belly area. High levels of cortisol are linked with greater amounts of belly fat. Alcohol, smoking and caffeine all increase cortisol levels. 
Your Stomach doesn't get bigger because of stress, but if you're in a stressful situation or environment, the body releases cortisol, and in turn your body gets bigger.

Late Eating at Night:

Don't eat and go to bed! Never!  Going to bed with a full Stomach provides greater risks for the body to store fat in and around the belly area.  If you must munch late at night, eat something healthy like a banana, celery, or a few almonds.

Wrong Foods :

 consuming too many calories and/ or insufficient exercises. You probably also are carrying extra weight around your hips and legs. Losing belly fat is pretty straightforward, but does require a lifestyle overhaul. You need to implement a diet that will help you lose belly fat and regular exercise to burn fat and strengthen your abs. Read about which foods you should never eat and which ones will help you quickly lose that belly.

Inactivity :

this can be a big part of cause of stomach fat. If you have to sit all day and do only limited movement, then you are inclined to the first, eat more, but also not burn as much energy as you should in a day. The increased activities will increase your heart rate so you will burn more calories. So get out and do something.

Exercising is considered to be a good thing, but there are stomach exercises that are not beneficial. Working out the wrong way can injure you and provide no results.

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