4 Best Weight Loss Exercises For You



There’s no getting around the fact that in order to lose weight safely and permanently, you need to eat healthy food and get plenty of exercise.

Whatever your weight loss exercise of choice, the key to efficient weight loss is to avoid your body adapting to your weight loss program, whether it is your nutritional or exercise program: vary the mode, vary the place you train, vary the workout, vary the time of day, vary the intensity of the workout, vary the duration, vary as much as you can.

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1. Flexibility Exercises

This type of exercise should be done before doing anything strenuous. The body’s flexibility can be improved by carrying out a series of mobility exercises for the joints. Each joint should be exercised in turn and can be stretched or moved to just beyond its point of resistance. For improvement to take place, the stretch should be held for 8 to 10 seconds, and the mobility exercises should be carried out for at least 10 minutes.
it is cheap and easy to do, little equipment is needed, exercises can be done alone, not a lot of space is needed

2. Running

Running is an ideal exercise for weight loss: It doesn't require any equipment, other than a decent pair of Running shoes, and you don’t need a gym membership to do it.
 Running is one of the most efficient methods of burning calories. For every mile you run, you burn approx. 100 calories. Highest calorie burn and cheap as chips. All you need is a pair of quality running shoes. Plus, if you stick with it, you’ll get hooked, making weight loss and weight maintenance easy.

3. Swimming

 Swimming can be a great weight loss exercise, Thus, less stress is placed on joints – low-impact. Brilliant for those with injuries. Swimming in cool water also means your body burns calories heating itself.

4. Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular exercises are also called aerobic exercises. If your goal is just to lose weight, then these are the best types of exercise for you. Cardiovascular exercises mostly require you to move, in a manner that can feel like dancing. However, all activities that will make your heart race can be considered cardiovascular exercises. Activities like running or cycling can make your heart beat faster after a certain point is reached. When your heart starts working harder than it normally should, then you should expect that you are burning calories. Cardiovascular exercises normally involve doing and repeating certain movements, until your heartbeat increases.

If you are serious about losing weight and are going to invest your time in exercising, do your best. Push yourself – everyday. If you are not going forward, you are heading backward.


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