the road to Vegan Weight Loss



the road to Vegan Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight, but you're not sure to take all the way - you are not alone . There are countless books and weight loss products available for purchase today , but oddly enough - people still overweight. Why? Something must be wrong . The amount of products and information on weight loss becomes simply frustrated people, and diets and conflicting advice make us wonder if looking for decent food at all the junk that 's really worth the effort .

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Let me introduce you to the vegan diet. Nothing here is my opinion, but a combination of events , success stories and scientific studies .

What is the vegan diet? Veganism is a diet and herbal consumption excludes all animal products , including meat , dairy, eggs and honey.

Why lose weight on a vegan diet?
The vegan diet is naturally low in fat because it is essentially herbal . Fruits and vegetables are low in fat, and can be enjoyed in large quantities without eating excess calories. Whole grains are also low in fat and rich in proteins (eg , brown rice) and fiber. You will be satisfied after a meal containing whole grains. Nuts and seeds , avocado , olive oil and coconut oil contains higher levels of fat , but healthy fats are necessary for our food. When these healthy fats are consumed in moderate amounts every day - our health will improve .

You will inevitably lose weight on a vegan diet because every calorie , high-fat meat and dairy products are eliminated. Without the use of fatty lamb , pork , cheese, cream and butter - weight loss will come off easily. In fact, veganism is a perfect style for those who want to keep excess weight life.

The evidence that weight loss in the vegan diet is possible :

Evidence 1 - CALORIES

Compare the caloric content of two food categories. The first category is the lack of food - vegetarian, while the second category is vegan foods .

Food non-vegans
100 g of cheddar cheese = 402 calories
Egg 100g = 155 calories
Lamb 100g = 294 calories
100 g pork = 173 calories
100 g of chips, cheese = 551 calories
Average calories per 100 g of food not vegan = 315

Foods Herbal :
100 = 34 calories broccoli
Potato 100g = 52 calories
100 g of brown rice = 111 calories
100g tofu calories = 76
100g almonds = 576 calories
Average calories per 100 g of food herbal = 170

Based on the comparison of calories contained herein , the vegetarian diet is significantly lower in calories than a standard diet. This test demonstrates that you can eat almost twice the foods vegan diet to a standard diet before compensation of calories !


There are thousands of successful weight loss vegetarian there - in books and on the Internet . Here are two examples :

A man from the Netherlands , could lose 27 lbs (12 kg ) in just six weeks in the vegan diet. That's an average of 4.4 lbs ( 1.9 kg) per week ! ( Note that this rapid weight loss is typical for obese people who adopt veganism . ) This man has also reaped other health benefits , including Lowing blood pressure and increased energy levels . MV says he intends never to return to a new standard regime.

Another famous vegan who has lost a ton of weight is Angela Stokes . This woman took her vegan diet to the next level and became a night of vegan raw food (diet herbal 100%). She lost more than 153 lbs ( 70 kg ) .

What if I'm not sure about becoming vegan? 

We advise you to start slowly. Make a list of your favorite vegan recipes and make them regularly. 

If you've ever cut a large percentage of meat and dairy products from your diet and you can see that your health begins to improve, why not take the plunge and go 100% vegan? Remember, this is your health and happiness in question. 

We recommend that you try it for yourself the vegan diet and see if you do not start waking up in the morning feeling healthier energy, happier and more!

Yes , many countless success stories testify to the reality of weight loss with the vegan diet. Why not success stories Vegan Google " for you ?

Alternatively, for vegan food recipes:
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